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Oil Painting Process

We are fortunate to have some of the most experienced reproduction oil painting artists in our Studio. We have a very large team of artists who are experienced at recreating all genres of art; they have spent many years honing their skills and their love of art is evident from the very high quality of work they attain.

When an order is received we can guarantee that it is painted by the artist who is best qualified to recreate it so that it captures the spirit and integrity of the original work of art.

All of our artists have received formal training and have acquired their expertise by spending many years studying the history of art; for example, our Impressionist artists are well traveled and have visited many Museums in France, studying the technique and palette of the artists of the Impressionist period.

Each oil painting starts life as a bare canvas, which is then stretched over the frame and applied with a gesso primer.

The painting is then sketched out by the artist and he then prepares his palette to start work.

The oil painting is meticulously recreated, brushstroke for brushstroke.

Our artists only use premium grade canvas and top quality British Winsor and Newton oils, as preferred by most professional artists.

It takes approximately 14 days to complete a single painting, subject to size and drying time.

At every stage of the oil painting it is checked thoroughly by two separate members of our team.

Please note that we do not employ any computer-aids or other technical processes. We do not employ any transfer techniques. Every oil painting is recreated entirely by hand.

Many of the much cheaper reproduction paintings you see advertised are bought in by the seller and manufactured in China. These paintings are simply paint which is applied over a transfer print. If you require a quality oil on canvas painting which is totally crafted by hand, then is your shopping venue of choice.

At we have an enormous library and archive of reference sources which our artists use when recreating a painting. Each reference source is carefully selected so that it truly represents the original painting both in color and detail.

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