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Oil Painting Sizes

Our oil on canvas paintings are always to scale. Every painting is prepared so that is to scale of the original work of art.

Some of the oil paintings in our standard catalogue are extremely large in original size and not every home can accommodate such a large oil painting.

Where the original size of the painting is an acceptable size, we quote a size which is the original size, and then 5 other larger size options.

Where the original painting is either too small or too large, we have adopted a smallest standard size of approximately 35/36" high x 24" wide. Over 25 years of recreating canvas oil paintings has shown us that this smallest standard size is the most popular for many of our customers.

In all cases the first dimension shown on the sizing charge is the height. We quote sizes in inches and centimeters to accommodate both our International and American customers.

Many companies do not offer paintings which are to scale. Their paintings distort the content of the original painting by either cropping or adding additional painting. Those companies which offer totally standard sizes for any painting are not recreating oil paintings which are true to the original work of art.

In addition to our six standard size options, we can offer any size canvas which is up to 9ft at the smallest dimension.

If you would like a quote for a special size painting, please contacts us. There is no additional charge for commissioning a special size.

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