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Terms and Conditions

All purchases made through are subject to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are updated periodically and are subject to change.

Guarantee Standard gallery paintings purchased at the standard gallery price are subject to our money back guarantee. Any oversize painting which is over 150cm at the largest dimension is not a stock painting. Sporting Posters and Movie Posters are regarded as special commission paintings and are not subject to our return policy. These canvases are painted specifically to order and not subject to our return policy.

Special Commissions or oversize paintings, special size paintings, sporting posters and movie posters are not covered by this return or replacement guarantee. If you are uncertain whether your painting is covered by our returns policy, please email us.

Cancellation of Order Any standard order may be cancelled within 48 hours of placement without charge. Any order cancelled after this period is subject to a re-stocking charge and deduction of processing fees.

Special Commission paintings, oversize canvases and Movie Posters are prepared specifically to order and may not be cancelled.

Returns To return a painting please ensure that you follow the instructions below to ensure that there are no delays in your painting being returned and no delays in your refund or replacement:

If you have any further questions concerning our refund/replacement policy please contact us.

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